Fiflye Private person, Company and Country offer service to private person and company in each country on Active Insurance and Bank, for fire prevention and damage limitation, with Fiflye Handy Shield and Fiflye Handy Large as a personal Fire Water Shielding protection and fire rescue equipment, that can be thrown by hands and fly over a short distance. Fiflye are used in Insurance, Bank, Decoration, Advertising, Sport, Fire Rescue, and Logistic Delivery, can be designed, produced, delivered and managed in: Norway, Poland, Germany and United Kingdom.

Fiflye Insurance can be purchased in Insurance-agreement with standard unit per month, over the calculation of the size and unit amount of Fiflye units needed. Normally a house will need 2 or 4 Handy Shield smaller units and 1 or 2 Handy Large units. Extra Fiflye can be purchased without Insurance-agreement and the item will be sent to the customer with express-delivery.

Payment can be paid by using the pay-button on this website, or by invoice to the billing-address of the customer with email confirmation. Once the payment is received, Insurance-agreement will become effective. Fiflye ordered will be sent to the customer as active Fire Water Shield protection.

Claim for compensation can be reported by telephone and email in the case of fire damage. Fiflye can be used to put out fire and will be replaced by the compensation. It is expected that Fiflye are placed near the protected object such as a house or a car, and used as Fire Water Shield and rescue equipment to limit the damage of fire as active insurance protection that reduce the damage.

Inquiry, order or claim can be sent to email:, Telephone: +47 98082880. Our local representative will make contact to you and offer Insurance and product for your need. Fiflye Insurance-Agreement and product can be delivered to customer in each city.

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